Monday, May 11, 2009

A Place for Stories

I have an idea (one of many that I spend too much wasted time thinking about) for a book. A book of stories and pictures of the people who call Santa Barbara home. These are not just people, but individuals who make Santa Barbara what it is, they are Santa Barbara. They have stories, and passions, and goals. I would like to share them.

That's my artsy noble statement. The true statement is as follows. I want to quit my job and take pictures of people and write about them, and sell paintings, and write food and wine reviews, and a book on California wine, oh and walk from Ventura to Santa Barbara, then across the country, and maybe China. Oh, and I want to loose 20 pounds, which I suppose is connected to the walking thing, but might go against the food review thing. Then I want to paint pictures of myself doing said things. I want to make money on these ventures and work from a coffee shop. Is that too much to ask?

So one of those projects starts now. Or maybe tomorrow.